How would you like to grow your business at the flip of a switch?

We help businesses scale to the moon our through paid advertising programs.


Who We Are

Tyson Patten 

In 2018, Tyson started his journey with online marketing with one simple question "How do I turn $1 into $2 online?"

Taking the last $200 to his name, he spent his money on Facebook Ads, generating over $100K in sales over the next few months. 

With this new understanding of how powerful online marketing is, he wanted to share it with business owners just like you, and create a business that would help ordinary companies achieve outstanding results.

Jimmy Rutkowsky  

In 2016, Jimmy started working on digital advertising for local companies in his area.  

He had 1 goal: to be able to create a lead generating machine for local businesses and bring them predictability and scalability at a low cost. 

He is now working with companies all across the country, helping them get more customers on demand using the power and ROI trackable digital advertising medium. 


What We Do

Run Ads.

Most agencies dance around this. They say they'll do seventeen different things to try and justify their price and credibility. We keep it simple here at Lunar... You can't grow a business hoping for the next customer. You need to acquire them.

Provide Data-Driven Results.

We don't spend your money in vain. Our purpose isn't "Reach" or "CPM" or any other lie that Radio, TV, or ameteur Social Media Marketers will tell you. We run ads solely to bring you qualified leads that want your product or service.

Help you Grow.

Now here's where it gets fun. Our passion is to help businesses succeed. And this is where we make it happen. Once we have systems in place, it's just a numbers game. How much do you want to grow? Together, we will get there.


90-Day Paid Traffic Program

This is our flagship service. To date, we've never gotten our clients less than a 2X Return On Investment over the course of the 90-Day Program. 

Here's How To Get Started:

1. Click "Let's Get Started" and watch the free case study about how we generate revenue for our clients.

2. Fill out a short survey about your business, and schedule a Breakthrough Strategy Session with our team.

3. Start seeing positive change in your business, and scale to the moon!


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